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Hi! We are Tom and Marvin, friends from the moment we started studying at Eindhoven University of Technology back in 2006. Besides our interest in technology, we also share our passion for the mountains and outdoor sports. We are obsessed with snowboarding, which for us is more a way of life than just a hobby. We have spend several full winter seasons snowboarding in the Alps and are both qualified Austrian level 3 (“Staatlich geprüft”) snowboard instructors.

The mountains are our playground, whether we are free-styling in the fun park, carving the pistes, freeriding deep pow, or splitboarding in alpine terrain. For us, each type of weather has its charm; from blue-bird sky to dark heavy-snowfall conditions. Therefore, good vision is crucial for us to ensure we can have maximum fun and perform the best in a safe way. This means snow goggles are an important piece of equipment for us.

However, we noticed that on the snow-goggles market you can either buy premium goggles around a price of €200 or more, or buy goggles in a lower price range and compromise on quality and performance. Both being engineers, we were convinced that it had to be possible to create a pair of goggles without any compromises on quality and features, for a price well below €150. And so MOX was born…

“Our mission is to offer affordable premium goggles without any compromises.”
TOM & Marvin
Our Product

What Makes Our Goggles Different?

MOX snow goggles distinguish themselves from other goggles on the market, by offering all features you can expect from premium goggles (like high quality materials, magnetic lenses, an ultra-wide field of view, best-in-class ventilation and anti-fog performance, ergonomic design, etc.), at an affordable price. On top of that, we include free shipping, a bonus lens for low-light conditions, a soft pouch, and a hard case.
Besides that, they look pretty damn good…