Selecting the right lens for your riding conditions

The following table gives an overview of the performance of each our lenses for different weather conditions. Here, VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission and indicates the percentage of visible light that is transmitted by the lens. So the lower this percentage is, the “darker” the lens is. Note that the VLT value is not the only property that determines how suitable a lens is for certain weather conditions. We therefore tried to indicate the performance per weather type for each goggles with a graph. The higher the graph is for a certain weather type, the better the performance of the lens for that weather type.

An overview of all MOX lenses and their performance under different conditions.

Note that the green lens at the bottom is included as a bonus lens with every pair of MOX goggles you buy.

Do I need additional lenses?

It is possible to buy a pair of goggles with no additional spare lenses and ride with them in all conditions, since all MOX lenses offer 100% protection against UV-radiation (UV-A and UV-B). However, no matter from which brand you are buying your goggles, it is impossible to have a lens that offers top performance under all weather conditions. This means that, although you can ride with a single lens all the time, under some conditions you will have to accept a compromise on perceptual performance.

When you buy a pair of MOX goggles, you will always get an extra lens for riding in low-light conditions, for example when it’s snowing. Those who always want to have the best perception performance, are advised to buy an additional lens in order to have all weather conditions covered. Click here to buy additional lenses for your goggles.

Lens features

No matter which lens you buy, each MOX lens delivers top notch performance due to the following features:

  • Retinex Technology improves visual contrast and enhances depth perception, so you have a perfect view of the mountain.
  • UV-Protection: All lenses protect 100% against UV-A and UV-B radiation up to a wave length of 400nm, which means they offer so-called UV400 protection.
  • Dual Lens: Each lens consists of an inner and an outer lens with a sealed space between them which acts as a thermal barrier. This helps to prevent fogging.
  • Anti-Fog Treatment: The inner lens received an anti-fog treatment to make sure you can enjoy a fog-free ride.
  • Mold-Injected Lens: Our premium mold-injection manufacturing method ensures distortion free vision through our lenses.
  • Polycarbonate Material: All lenses are made out of Polycarbonate (PC) which makes them strong, flexible and safe.
  • Magnetic Quick-Change System: Ten strong magnets keep the lens securely attached to the frame and allow you to change your lens within a few seconds without taking the goggles of your head.